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Autonoir Chapter 1 Page 16 :iconautonoir:Autonoir 10 4
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Flower Child, Continued :iconslickskin:slickskin 4 0
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The Exhuman Hive - Interactive Fiction :iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 71 52
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Unit 68 - Final Drone Design :iconbigkahuna69:BigKahuna69 40 7
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Robotic Core (TF)
    Astoria Deos was not someone that many people thought was an explorer. Hell, she looked like either a cosplay model or a librarian to most people, she was that cute. In fact...she was both. But on the side, she worked as an independent explorer for whoever wanted an unknown area surveyed. A client's claim of 'this will be your toughest assignment, methinks' rarely sounded very threatening, considering just how often she got into trouble. In fact, she was usually more concerned with something trivial instead of the possible dangers of the mission. For her newest job, infiltrating an old underground power plant, her biggest concern wasn't the five trillion, four hundred fifty-nine billion, six hundred eleven million, three hundred seventy-two thousand, eight hundred and twenty-five ways she could be killed...but instead was her suit.
    '...Holy SHIT this thing is uncomfortable...' Her suit was an alloy, half lycra and half titanium
:iconseibara:Seibara 13 0
A laboratory was seen and in it was many devices inside the large room. Several objects were shown setup in it as computers and monitors were setup in it showing footage on them as there was also different types of machines shown as well in it.
A young being with the appearance of a young female girl with short blonde hair with a ribbon in it wearing a school uniform was seen unconscious in end of the room, her head was down as she was seen hanging from the wall.
Her head shifted a bit before lifting up and slowly her eyes began to open as she came to.
“W-where, Where am I?” The being said and scanned around the place looking on. “This place doesn’t appear to be in my database.” She said as she had never been here before so it was unknown to her.
Despite her human like Appearance that many upon first glance believed her to be, in truth she was actually an android. Mixture of robotics and human programmed to feel emotions and decision making. Her name was A
:iconsaiyanwarrior002:SaiyanWarrior002 25 1
Sexy Invasion - Roboslave Girls (Kyo) :iconmacguffin78:macguffin78 145 8
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Helping Hands (10 of 12) :icondocotto:DocOtto 17 1
Cmsn - TeflonDjinn - Djinnification 2 :iconpainfulelegy:PainfulElegy 83 11 New Body Admiration - Aoi (Blue) :iconlaughingvulcan:laughingvulcan 20 9
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Shantae Game Over?, p.2 :iconmartyz-art:MartyZ-Art 264 14
92 Slime part 3 :iconchompworks:ChompWorks 88 34 Network 0x03 - Stage 1 processing :iconcyborgfactory:Cyborgfactory 61 6



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